Post Welcome Our Travel Blogging Guruu: Andy Mossack

Welcome Our Travel Blogging Guruu: Andy Mossack

By Simon 7 years ago

Andy is an award-winning travel writer and broadcaster, who has over 20 years of experience. You’ll probably recognize him from his BBC radio program “Where in the World is Andy?” He has also appeared on BBC Breakfast TV, BBC 5 Live, Talk Sport and Up All Night.  Another fantastic venture of his includes Trip Reporter, a site that provides reviews of high-end destinations from respected travel writers.

As a guruu, he’s pleased to use his decades of experience as a world traveller and writer to mentor talented people, helping them to become better at what they do. Travel offers plenty of opportunities, and he’s eager to help his followers explore them.

These are just a few of the areas on which Andy is happy to advise on:

- How do I write better travel pieces
- How can I engage readers
- Should I specialise in a particular country or type of travel
- Is online writing different from printed writing
- How can I make money from travel writing

A portion of his fees will go to the North London Hospice, an organization which dispels the myth that hospices are gloomy and sombre. To the contrary, NLH is a beautiful location that provides terminal patients with an amazing range of services to better their quality of life.

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