Post Visiting Our First Partner Charity: Nottinghamshire Hospice

Visiting Our First Partner Charity: Nottinghamshire Hospice

By Simon 7 years ago

This week, we visited Nottinghamshire Hospice, the first partner charity for Guruumee. The organisation provides terminal patients with a high standard of end-of-life care, providing them with comfort, fun and support during a difficult time.  These services also extend to their carers, who are also in need of some rest and relaxation.

On our way to Nottinghamshire Hospice, we had a certain image in mind. We imaged something like a hospital ward, sterile and impersonal – but upon immediate entry into the property, our misconceptions were disproved. In a beautiful stately home which previously belonged to John Player, the hospice provides a lavish and relaxing setting for all patients and their carers. From the huge garden to the elegant dining area, the atmosphere, sounds and smells were more like a spa than anything else. It was wonderful to see the touches of luxury that the hospice provides to those in need of end-of-life care and their carers.

Each year Nottinghamshire Hospice provides day therapy services to over 6000 patients – including massage, transport, counselling, palliative rehabilitation, nursing care, spiritual support and a huge range of other activities to help patients improve their quality of life. The services are also available to their carers, who are also deserving of some much needed rest and relaxation. As a hospice without walls, the organisation also offers home care to families across Nottinghamshire, providing over 40,000 hours of care in the community last year. Over 500 volunteers lend their time to Nottinghamshire Hospice, and there are over 100 members of staff. To run the operation, the hospice must fundraise over £7000 per day (and even more shocking statistic is £4.99 per minute), and we hope to provide a valuable contribution to their funding over the years.  

The services at Nottinghamshire Hospice are free and open to anyone in the county, as long as they are registered with a Nottinghamshire GP.  They can refer themselves, and there is no need to wait for a referral from a medical professional. Unfortunately, many people go without these services, as they are under the impression that there is a charge for them.

It really is one of Nottingham’s best kept secrets – but it shouldn’t have to stay that way. It’s important to all of us at Guruumee to get the word out across the county about the wide range of services at the hospice, which are available to terminal patients and their carers for free.

It’s super exciting to have them on board. We can’t wait to start donating to Nottinghamshire Hospice!

For more information about this great cause, visit the Nottinghamshire Hospice website.

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