Post How Do I Make My Employees Happier?

How Do I Make My Employees Happier?

6 years ago

How Do I Make My Employees Happier?

Did you know that happy employees are 12% more productive than those who feel unsatisfied at work? In a leadership role, it is important ensure that your team members feel happy and satisfied at work. Just a few small gestures can really make all the difference, and here are a few tips to help promote positivity in the workplace.

Recognise Employees

"Achievement and recognition are high motivators for employees. If they take risks, reward them”
– Charley Polachi, managing partner at Polachi Access Executive Search

Recognising the great work of your employees doesn’t have to be a complicated or expensive responsibility. It can be as simple as giving them a sincere “thank you”, giving them an extra-long lunch or letting them leave a few hours earlier. These small acts of gratitude add up over time and they can really add up over time.

The benefits that you offer should extend beyond the basics. Think of unique ways to reward your staff for their efforts. Gym memberships, gift cards for their favourite restaurants and even bus passes express gratitude in a practical way that will make your team feel valued and let them know that you recognise their hard work.

Communicate Effectively and Often

I motivate players through communication, being honest with them, having them respect and appreciate your ability and your help.
- Tommy Lasorda, Manager for the Los Angeles Dodgers

As a manager, it is important to create a culture of communication in which all members of your team can speak openly and honestly about goals, obstacles and your shared vision. Ensure that your staff know that they are welcome to ask questions and gain clarification about any tasks. Equally, they should know that they can provide feedback and that you’re open to suggestions to help your team run more effectively.  

This also means being transparent. Employees should be well-aware of what’s going on at all times. If any changes are set to take place or big projects are coming up, provide them with ample notice to ensure that they are well-prepared and have time to gain any clarification that they need.

Set An Example

“If there is such a thing as good leadership, it is to give a good example”.
- Ingvar Kamprad, Founder of IKEA

An optimistic attitude can go a long way in the workplace, and you can set the tone amongst your team. Stress tends to trickle down through the office economy and an unhappy boss can put emotional strain on your employees. Remain positive, even in difficult situations, and encourage your employees to do the same.

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